Entry Doors for Homes in Dallas and Beyond

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Your Dallas-area entry door experts – choose the perfect door for your next project.

Choose from Fiberglass or Steel Entry Doors, giving you the look of expensive materials with the energy-efficiency of modern door manufacturing.

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Fiberglass Entry Doors – Greet Your Guests in Style and Comfort

Due to new advances in technology (a process called Accugrain), fiberglass can be modified to fit any style home and look like different materials. This change in appearance has made them more popular to the new homeowner by allowing fiberglass doors to enjoy and upgraded appearance but with the advantages of fiberglass.

Benefits of fiberglass entry doors for your Dallas-area home include:

  • Filled with insulating foam – five times the insulating properties of other door materials
  • Resistant to scratching, peeling or warping – holds up to tougher weather environments
  • Wide array of colors and styles – even real wood like finishes or customized to fit your home
  • Easy to fit in any size opening

Fiberglass doors also provide an extra layer of security from intruders with its double, or triple pane glass. The glass will not shatter if an intruder to attempts to break in your home. They also have a minimum 12 inch lock block that adds more strength if an intruder attempts to gain forced entry into your home.

Steel Entry Doors – Perfect for Residential or Commercial Properties

Your next steel entry door for your Dallas-area property will provide the highest level of security and durability. In fact, our doors (manufactured by ProVia) are the most durable doors available on the market.

Like our fiberglass doors, our steel entry doors can be made in a variety of styles and colors to meet your specifications.