Your Patio Door Experts – Three Types for Dallas-Area Homes

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Upgrade Your Home With New Patio Doors

sliding patio door replacement dallasRely on over 15 years of patio door installation experience with Southern Pride Openings. If you have an old-style door, you can now reduce heat loss, water leakage, and poor security.

There are three basic patio door styles for Dallas-area homeowners:

  • The sliding patio door is the most popular style. Sliding panels combine with fixed panels to create dramatically broad expanses of glass. Panels slide parallel to the wall, so they don’t interfere with furniture placement or walking areas.
  • Swinging patio doors or hinged patio doors have a full view with glass panels that hang in pairs. The doors are center hung and hinged on the side – opening like butterfly wings.
  • Folding patio doors open a large area to the outdoors. Each section slides on an overhead track and neatly folds away for full access to the interior and exterior. The advantages these doors have over others is a sliding screen. Fresh air without the bugs.

Patio Doors – More Energy Efficient That Older Models

Depending on the climate, a patio door can be a significant return on investment, eventually paying for themselves. Ask us about features like R-value, U-factor, Low-E glass, UV coatings and other glass options when you get your free quote!