Choose the Right Window Type for Your Dallas Area Home

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Replacing windows in your Dallas area home? There are many types of windows to choose from and it can be a little overwhelming – let us help make window buying easy.

We can installĀ a variety of window types – for more details, see below:

types of replacement windows dallas

Double hung window – can be installed with or without grid pattern

Double Hung, a window type where the bottom and top panel can open and can also be opened at a tilt. This will allow more air flow and ventilation since the window can be positioned to the elements outside.


casement window

One example of a casement window

Casement, a window type that is opened by a cranking mechanism with hinges on the side. They allow for an unobstructed view while still providing ventilation to the house.

bay replacement windows dallas

Bay windows come in thousands of variations

Bay, a window type comprised of three or more windows in an angle arch shape, where the center window is much larger than the side windows. They can either be fixed windows, a window that does not open, or a window style that will provide ventilation, such as a double hung or casement.

slider window replacement dallas

Slider windows have lots of great applications.

Slider, a window type that has at least two panes and opens by sliding one of the horizontal panels to the left or right.

These are the most popular types of windows – however if you are looking for something to match your unique taste in windows, Southern Pride Openings can deliver!
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